About Tonsils And Adenoids Removal Procedure

About Tonsils And Adenoids Removal Procedure

Tonsil and adenoid removal

Adenoids removal

Two main reasons for constant fever and throat pain in people are the infection of tonsils and adenoids. Most of us have an idea on what tonsils is and about the inflammation of the tonsils gland that is commonly known by the name tonsillitis. However, some of you might not even have an idea on what adenoids are; adenoid is a gland just like tonsils and it is found on the top side of the throat behind the mouth. Usually, it is found near the nasal cavity and the main function of adenoids is to trap the germs entering through the nasal cavity.

If you are going for a tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, then you need to make some arrangements before going with the procedure. First of all, you need to find someone to drive you home after the surgery. It is better if you take rest for the first few days after the surgery, so having someone to take care of you in the first few days after the surgery will be a good thing. In normal cases, the person who had undergone a surgery for removing tonsils or adenoids will be completely healed within few days after the surgical procedure.

However if you are a chronic smoker, then it might take a bit longer for healing the wounds of surgery. Make sure that you do not

chronic smoker

Tonsils removal

smoke before and after the surgery for few days as smoking may deter the healing effects on the tissues and the wounds may not heal on time. There is a high chance for you to get breathing troubles while the surgery is carried out if you are a smoker. If you used to take aspirin for relieving pain, replace it with acetaminophen after consulting your physician as taking aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen might make you bleed more during the surgery.

After the tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, you might be asked to stay in the hospital for one or two days depending on your condition. If there are no complexities, you can go home the same day itself. Make sure that you stay away from any sort of strenuous activity for at least two weeks from the surgery. If you do find some changes in your voice after the tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, there is nothing to panic, as it is normal.

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