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            Snoring causes

Many of the persistent snorers do not know the exact cause of their problem. There can be many things contributing to the problem of snoring. Snoring can cause you great embarrassment when sleeping with others. To get rid of the problem of snoring, you need to have a good idea on the causes of snoring. Snoring is nothing but the vibration of the soft palate caused due to the blockage of air that is breathed in. This sound can be considered harmless but is very annoying and irritating to other people trying to sleep around you.

Most of the studies on snoring claim that the blockage of the airway caused by the fatty tissue leads to snoring. The blockage leads to forceful flow of air while you exhale. This air hits the walls of the throat and causes the muscles to vibrate. This vibration is what we hear as snoring. The tongue can also obstruct the air passage in your nasal cavity. This occurs when you sleep on your back. It is always recommended to sleep on your side or your stomach to avoid the blockage of the airway.

If you are very much used to sleeping on your back, you can try to keep your head a little higher. This will prevent the tongue from interrupting the breathing process. Another factor that causes snoring is obesity. Snoring due to obesity can be avoided by implementing workouts that will burn the extra fat. Workouts will also help to keep you fit and healthy.

Consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes are other factors that cause snoring. The chemicals present in these substances make your muscles relaxed leading to snoring troubles. Smoking can also cause irritations in the throat lining leading to snoring. Nasal congestion is another unwanted effect of snoring.

Snoring troubles

                  Snoring remedies

Allergic disorders like rhinitis, asthma and cold may also lead to snoring. These allergies lead to nasal congestions, which will make you start breathing through your mouth. This will trigger a snoring problem.

Many snoring solutions are available in the market to stop snoring. SnoreDoc is the most popular device that is used by millions to stop snoring effectively. The SnoreDoc stop snoring mouth guard works by moving the lower jaw forward thereby reducing the pressure on your palate. When the pressure is reduced, the airway widens which leads to free flow of air and hence snoring is reduced.

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