Knowing Adenoid And Tonsil Removal

Knowing Adenoid And Tonsil Removal

Removal Of Tonsils And Adenoids

Tonsils Removal

Adenoids and tonsils are small glands found behind the mouth and the main function of these glands is to protect the children from infections to ear, nose, and throat. Adenoids are found just behind the throat where the throat ends and the tonsils are found behind the throat on each side. Removal of tonsils and adenoids is a simple procedure and can be done easily. Here, we will discuss about the removal of adenoids and tonsils separately.

Tonsil Removal

It is a known fact that tonsil removal procedure is mainly done on children. However, adults can also remove their tonsils if they are infected by viruses. Tonsils are mainly removed when the person is affected by tonsillitis. If the tonsils are enlarged due to any infections, then that condition is known by the name tonsillitis. If you have tonsillitis, the doctor may first give you some kind of medication for suppressing the inflammation and if it does not work out then you might be referred to an ENT surgeon.

The surgeon might look up for available options and will inform you about the tonsils removal procedure, which is generally known by the name tonsillectomy. The best way to get rid of tonsillitis is to remove your tonsils. Since tonsils and adenoids are found nearby, surgeons usually tend to prefer removal of tonsils and adenoids together.

Adenoid Removal

Adenoid removal operations are mostly done on kids and the main reason for the removal of adenoids is the glue in the ear. If you


Adenoids Removal

have a kid of about age three to four years old and if he or she is having issues with glue in ear, it will be best for your kid to have his adenoids removed. Another main problem related to adenoids is the blockage of nasal cavity. If you are having infections on your adenoids and you suffer from ear infections or nasal infections, the best cure for the situation is to get rid of the adenoids.

However, adenoidectomy or surgical removal of adenoids is not always needed and it is advocated only in extreme conditions. Usually, most of the adenoid enlargements can be treated using medications and children grow out of the issues related to the problems. Another main problem with adenoid enlargement is the occurrence of Sleep Apnea. If you child falls prey to this disease, the surgeon might advice you the removal of tonsils and adenoids.

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