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Snoring is a problem affecting over 30% of adults. There are many who consider snoring as some laughable matter. Mind you, it is anything but. It is extremely serious and can have terrible consequences if you do not take adequate measures. Snoring puts a heavy strain on the relationship with your significant other. There have been instances where happily married couples are separated due to snoring. Moreover, snoring can be symptomatic of a serious disorder or a medical condition.

There can be many things contributing to snoring. First of all, you should know that snoring is caused by a physical blockage affecting the normal flow of air through your nose or mouth. Snoring increases as you get older. With age, your throat gets narrower, and there is a considerable loss of muscle tone, resulting in snoring. Sinuses or allergies may cause this blockage. Lifestyle related problems also can affect your snoring. A general sedentary life style may result in weight gain or obesity. Obesity increases the probability of snoring. Snoring is also considerably increased if you frequently consume alcohol. Intake of certain medications can also result in snoring. People suffering from a serious condition called Sleep apnea may breathe heavily, or snore.

There are many possible solutions that’ll allow or help you to stop snoring. Anti snoring products like throat sprays, anti-snoring mouthpieces etcetera are some of the available products. Some products, for example CPAP masks, are specifically designed for people affected by sleep apnea, a problem or condition which can only be taken care of medically, because of its extreme seriousness. This is the reason why it is important to know the causes of snoring that apply.

You can also buy anti snoring pillows. However, if you want to improvise, you can use more number of normal pillows while sleeping.

Serious disorder

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There are also other methods to stop snoring. If you want to stop snoring by natural methods, then there are ways to do it. Smoking and being overweight increases the chances of snoring. So give up smoking (if you smoke) or try reducing your weight (if you are overweight). Please avoid alcohol or dairy products before you go to bed. Avoid sleeping on your back, this increases snoring.

SnoreDoc mouthpiece is an excellent product that can be used effectively to stop snoring. It is specially designed to keep your lower jaw in an outward position. This relieves the pressure on the soft palate and thus opens up the airway, eliminating your snoring problem.

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